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Whether you are buying or selling we hope you find your visit, both useful and informative. Established in 2001 originally as Martin Hawksby “The Right Estate Agent” we have always been one of the leading Wellingborough Estate Agents over the years. Our aim is ensure that you place Hawksbys at the heart of your moving process, to assist you every step of the way.


It is our aim that the business impresses upon you through the team, the many differences between our competitors and Hawksbys. 


In summary you can buy & sell, rent as a tenant, let as a landlord and arrange mortgages through Hawksbys.

We would like to think, that you will be absorbed by our culture of professionalism, friendliness and the desire to please. It is our continued aim to build the most customer friendly estate agency business Wellingborough has ever seen. It will be recognised as being entirely honest – ALL OF THE TIME. For Martin Hawksby himself, it is his life's work over 30 years and more and he takes immense pride in what the business does for it’s customers.


We go out of our way to tell the truth, without spin, meaning that you are dealing with reliability all the time. Embedded into the Hawksbys brand is the strap-line “Service & People You Trust”. Well it wouldn’t be there, if we didn’t mean it and hear this all the time from the many satisfied customers we deal with.

Our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.


As well as offering the most comprehensive marketing packages locally, employing all the latest technologies we are the only business in Wellingborough that has measured the customer satisfaction we receive and acted upon it's findings, always in a positive way.

If you are a seller or landlord, our tailored marketing packages are sure to suit your needs, with many unique marketing initiatives giving you the edge over our competitors homes. "To be sold you need to be seen" and it's for this reason, we do things the Hawksbys way. These ways, have delivered the following statistics in the Wellingborough marketplace:


1/ Fastest time to sell.

2/ Best conversion rates to sold in our stock of homes, against our competitors.

3/ Highest level of solds, in the market! 


Over the last 15 years we have achieved these levels of success, very regularly, singularly or simultaneously. This means that the customers who have chosen us to sell,  have before they have even started with us, just given themselves, the best chance of selling in there home in the marketplace.


All the great marketing initiatives, many of them unique to us lead to the exceptional success rates which is why we do them!


The business is always adapting and evolving, never standing still and it is always looking for ways to do things better for our customers at fees which are surprisingly competitive bearing in mind the extra expenses we go to, to get you seen - to get you sold!


Hawksby's looks forward to working with you soon. 


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